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Hagerstown Regional Airport Summer/Fall Update

Hagerstown Regional Airport Summer/Fall Update

HAGERSTOWN, MD (May 15, 2024) – Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR) announces a series of significant infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing safety, efficiency, and passenger experience throughout the summer months.

  • Expanded Allegiant Flight Schedule: With flights to Myrtle Beach, Orlando/Sanford, and St. Pete/Clearwater increasing nearly 40% year-over-year compared to 2023, the total for 2024 is approximately 300. Fall service to Myrtle Beach and St. Pete/Clearwater is being expanded, and during the summer, flight offerings will peak with a maximum of 10 weekly flights, catering to high demand for convenient air travel.


  • Taxiway F Enhancement: This critical project, primarily funded by a 90% Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant, involves the partial relocation of Taxiway F to increase lateral distance/separation from the primary Runway 09-27. In addition to the relocation, the asphalt pavement will be rehabilitated, and new LED lights and signs will be installed. These upgrades ensure improved visibility and guidance for pilots, further enhancing safety measures at the airport.


  • Runway 09-27 Lighting & Signage Upgrade: This crucial upgrade, primarily funded by a 90% Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant, involves the installation of energy-efficient LED lights and signs to replace obsolete incandescent bulbs along Runway 09-27. This advancement in sustainability and safety will not only reduce energy consumption but also enhance visibility, making the runway more conspicuous for incoming and outgoing flights.


  • Taxiway C Object Free Area (OFA) Improvement: This essential project, supported by a 90% Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant, entails paving a strip of asphalt near the West Apron (Rider Jet Center) and T-Hangar Access Areas. Improved markings will address a movement “Hot Spot” at the intersection of West Apron, Taxiway A, and Taxiway C, mitigating potential hazards and improving safety for all airport users.


  • Terminal Roof Repairs: The terminal roof repair project includes the installation of a new building front gutter system and the redirection of roof drainage to prevent water infiltration. Additionally, exterior painting will be undertaken to enhance both aesthetics and weatherproofing, ensuring structural integrity and passenger comfort.


  • Terminal Area Signage Enhancement: With the addition of new painting, entrance signage, awnings, and improvements to gutters and downspouts, the terminal area will undergo a minor makeover, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.


  • Airfield Painting: Enhancements such as the black outline of primary runway markings, rubber removal, and painting of some markings on portions of Taxiway Papa will further bolster operational efficiency and safety.


  • Runway Visibility Zone / Runway Object Free Zone Project: This vital project, generously funded by a 90% Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant, involves the demolition of old structures within the Runway Object Free Area and Visibility Zone. Additionally, new perimeter fence segments and gates will be installed to bolster security measures. This initiative aims to enhance security and facilitate increased utilization of the Crosswind Runway 02-20, particularly during periods when the Air Traffic Control Tower is closed, ensuring safer operations and efficient airport management.


  • Air Park Road Utility Expansion: Embarking on a transformative project, fully funded by a 100% Maryland Commerce Grant, which encompasses two critical components. Firstly, the Air Park Road Utility Expansion aims to extend utilities along Air Park Road, enhancing the pad-ready development condition of the Airfield Northwest Quadrant, thereby attracting businesses and fostering economic growth. Additionally, the project includes the installation of a digital LED Airport Sign strategically positioned to improve airport visibility to Interstate 81 travelers, promoting HGR services and businesses. Together, these initiatives reflect our commitment to advancing infrastructure and promoting the airport as a thriving hub for both aviation and commerce.

For inquiries and further information regarding these projects, please contact Eugene Bolanowski, Airport Operations/Security Manager, at [email protected] or 240-313-2777.

For more information about Hagerstown Regional Airport, please visit


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The starting time for today’s Board of County Commissioners meeting will be reevaluated at 9:00 am.

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