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About Washington County, MD

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Welcome to Washington County – 1st in the Nation

Established in 1776 and named for then Gen. George Washington, our county’s history reflects the history of our nation. Among our many historical sites are:

  • a fort built in 1756 for use during the French and Indian War,
  • a city founded by a German immigrant in 1762,
  • a battlefield strewn with 23,000 dead and wounded soldiers in 1862,
  • a highway, a canal, and later a railroad that helped to open up the frontier and further westward expansion.

These treasures and many others secure Washington County’s place of honor in American history. Our 458 square miles contain 3 National Parks, 7 State Parks, 14 County Parks, and numerous City and Town Parks. But perhaps our greatest treasures are 24 graceful stone arch bridges built between 1819 and 1863.

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