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Washington County Police Academy

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Washington County Police Academy

The Washington County Police Academy offers entry-level and comparative compliance training through the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission. This Commission was established by the Maryland Legislature to govern police certification and training in the State of Maryland. 

The Washington County Police Academy evolved from the Western Maryland Police Academy.  After the Western Maryland Police Academy stopped offering academy training, the Hagerstown Community College filled the gap with the Hagerstown Community College Police Academy.  When the Hagerstown Community College Police Academy ceased providing police academy training, the Washington County Police Academy filled the void.  The Washington County Police Academy will be offering Class 07 early in 2023.   

The Washington County Police Academy operates through a Board of Directors with the cooperation of three different entities that share a common goal.  That goal is to produce the absolute best law enforcement officers to make our communities as safe as possible.   

The Washington County Police Academy Board is comprised of the Sheriff of Washington County, the Chief of The Hagerstown Police Department and the President of The Hagerstown Community College   

Every session of the Washington County Police Academy consists of over 1,000 hours of training.  This training includes every aspect that a modern law enforcement officer needs to be successful in carrying out their daily duties. The objectives that must be successfully met include everything from understanding and enforcing the law, use of force issues, firearms training, de-escalation techniques, investigation, and emergency vehicle operations. 

The Washington County Police Academy is located at 18350 Public Safety Place in the Washington County Public Safety Training Center located south of Hagerstown. The Public Safety Training Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides a space for different disciplines of public safety to work and train together in simulated real-life emergency situations. Those in the field of public safety are given the opportunity to gain new and improved skills to help continue to serve and protect the citizens of Washington County, Maryland.  

Washington County Police Academy

18350 Public Safety Place,
Hagerstown, MD 21740

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