Local Management Board


Working together to improve the lives of children and families in Washington County


All Washington County children will be born and raised in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment to become healthy and responsible adults.

With the unique needs of Washington County as the focal point, the Washington County Local Management Board Initiative serves as the neutral convener of all child serving agencies and is the natural and trusted place to house Statewide projects.

The Local Management Board Initiative promotes an interagency, collaborative approach to serving children that involves all stakeholders, parents and families in the process. This collaborative effort ensures a more effective system of care for youth and families across a continuum of services from prevention to intervention to aftercare.

The Local Management Board Initiative represents no single perspective but, rather, convenes a community’s public and private partners to address the needs of the “whole child” through collaboration, coordination, community and capacity-building. Fundamentally, the Local Management Board Initiative brings the community together to better serve children and their families. The Local Management Board Initiative not only focuses on services for children with intensive needs but also focuses on services for all children in Washington County. The Local Management Board Initiative does not provide direct service – instead, it works through partnerships with local and regional providers to maximize and leverage resources for positive results for children in Washington County.

Stephanie Lapole, Senior Grant Manager
Local Management Board Point of Contact
100 West Washington Street, Room 2200
Hagerstown, MD  21740
Phone:  240-313-2040
Fax:  240-313-2091

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