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Proximity to excellent rail service and nation-spanning highways provide easy access to two-thirds of the nation’s population overnight.

Geographic Features

  • Washington County’s entire southern border is comprised of the Potomac River which eventually empties into the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Washington County has limestone and shale geology which has led to an abundance of related industries such as brick making and quarries.
  • The east side of the County is bounded by South Mountain.
  • A fertile Hagerstown Valley area comprises the center of the County and has led to a rich tradition of agriculture still supported today.

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The Property Search Database contains a wide variety of available properties in Washington County.

The GIS Mapping Tool offers a map-based view of available properties as well as local resources such as schools, parks, railroads, and town/county boundaries and more.

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Washington County, Maryland is represented by nine (9) municipalities. Eight (8) are incorporated towns and one (1) city which is the City of Hagerstown.



Clear Spring







Major Cities by Distance

Atlanta, Georgia
642 Miles
Baltimore, Maryland
71 Miles
Boston, Massachusetts
451 Miles
Chicago, Illinois
614 Miles
New York, New York
239 Miles
Norfolk, Virginia
252 Miles
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
152 Miles
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
156 Miles
Richmond, Virginia
156 Miles
Washington, D.C.
68 Miles