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Note: This is a rapidly evolving situation and this page will provide updates as they become available

Washington County Joint Information Center

Joint Information Center (JIC) To ensure coordination of public information during incidents that involve multiple agencies and/or jurisdictions, to support the gathering, verification, coordination, and dissemination of accurate, accessible, and timely information.

The JIC consists of representatives from the following agencies: Washington County GovernmentWashington County Health Department, and Meritus Health

For more information visit the Maryland COVID-19 Data Dashboard: 

JIC COVID-19 Briefings

The Joint Information Briefing will be distributed on Mondays (with the exception of federal and state holidays) for the duration of the current State of Emergency.

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COVID-19 Joint Information Center Update: February 18, 2022

COVID-19 JOINT INFORMATION CENTER BRIEFING February 18, 2022   The is the final Joint Information Briefing.   The Washington County, Maryland Joint Information Center (JIC) presents information provided by the Washington County Health Department, Washington County Government, and Meritus Health.   All information related to COVID-19 in Washington County, Maryland can be viewed at   Click here to receive Washington County briefings delivered

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Updated COVID-19 Guidance

The Washington County Health Department (WCHD) strongly urges all community members who are not yet fully vaccinated to wear masks in indoor group settings and to get vaccinated if they are eligible. 

COVID-19 vaccinations are available to anyone age 12 and older.  For more information or to make a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, please visit or call 240-313-3456.

Additionally, WCHD recommends that all community members, even those who are vaccinated, continue to take actions to protect themselves and prevent the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • Wearing a well fitted mask indoors among people who do not live with you
  • Avoiding large crowds and poorly ventilated indoor spaces
  • Washing your hands often with soap and water or hand sanitizer
  • Avoiding close contact with people who are sick, or others if you are sick

Community members showing any sign or symptom of COVID-19 should get tested, regardless of vaccination status or prior infection. Asymptomatic persons exposed to COVID-19 should also get tested, regardless of vaccination status.

Reference Links:

Press Conference:
COVID-19 Update

HAGERSTOWN, MD (12/15/2020)

Call 2-1-1 for Immediate Assistance

COVID-19 Testing Sites in Washington County, MD

Liberal Leave is in effective for Washington County Government


Liberal leave is in effect for all non-essential personal on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, until noon. Essential personnel are expected to fulfill their duties as usual.

The starting time for today’s Board of County Commissioners meeting will be reevaluated at 9:00 am.

For those required to travel, exercise caution on the roadways. If driving is necessary, ensure your vehicle is completely cleared, drive at a reduced speed, practice caution, and avoid crowding or passing plows.
We’ll keep the public informed of any changes. Stay updated by monitoring Washington County Government’s website and social media channels for the latest information. Your safety is our priority!