District Court

District Courthouse
36 W. Antietam Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740

If you are summonsed to District Court, this is the court house where you need to report.


For weather and other emergency-related closings, please listen to the local radio stations or call the Clerk’s Office at (301) 733-8660.

For more information about the Maryland Court System, including the Maryland Appellate Courts, Circuit Courts, District Courts and Orphan’s Court, we well as court administration and related agencies, go to www.courts.state.md.us and follow the appropriate link.

For information concerning a specific case, defendant or other interested party, go to Maryland Judiciary Case Search www.casesearch.courts.state.md.us which provides public access to the case records of the Maryland Judiciary.  There you will be able to search and view the case records maintained by the Maryland Circuit and District Courts.

Searching the records of a specific case will let you access up-to-date information on that case, including such things as the specific charge(s) filed against the defendant, the date, the procedural history and current status of the case and, perhaps most importantly, the time and location of the next scheduled hearing.

(Note:  All information available through Maryland Judiciary Case Search is provided directly from the court itself and not the Washington County State’s Attorney’s Office.  If you believe information provided is inaccurate, follow the instructions as provided on the site.)

District Court Parking Locations

Approximately 1-½ blocks away on Potomac Avenue across from the City Hall (1 East Franklin Street, which is a few blocks from the courthouse), there is a 5 story parking garage with a $6.00 per day maximum.

There is street parking on Potomac Street for 2 hours, $0.25 per hour (quarters only)

Next to the District Court (behind the Circuit Court) on Antietam Street, there are two parking choices. To the left of the District Court there is a lot for $3.00 per hour (worth avoiding unless you can find nowhere else). To the right of the District Court is public parking that costs $0.50 per half hour and has a 3-hour limit.

Note: Cell phones without cameras are allowed in the court. Phones with cameras must be left in your car or at home.