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Washington County Local Management Board Receives $866,202 Grant Award

Washington County Local Management Board Receives $866,202 Grant Award

HAGERSTOWN, MD (August 31, 2022) – The Washington County Local Management Board (LMB) announced its award of $866,202 in state grant funds awarded by the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services, on behalf of the Children’s Cabinet. The grant award will fund six initiatives aimed at strengthening and improving the lives of youth and families residing in Washington County. The grant will be managed by the Washington County Office of Grant Management. There is an intentional focus on three elements: Racial & Ethnic Disparities (R/EDs), Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and Trauma-Informed Practices (TIPs). Programs and strategies are also aligned with the Children’s Cabinet priorities:

  • Reducing the impact of parental incarceration on children, youth, families, and communities; 
  • Improving outcomes for disconnected/opportunity youth; 
  • Reducing childhood hunger; 
  • Reducing youth homelessness;
  • Increasing opportunities for community-based programs and services for youth; and,
  • Preventing out-of-State placements.

The initiatives/programs receiving funding in Washington County are:

  • Family Centered Support Services – The Family Center is a multi-generational program targeting youth and young adults not attending school due to pregnancy or becoming a teen parent. Services are provided to both the parent and child and include parenting skills instruction, quality child-care, school readiness preparation, GED attainment, life skills, and employment readiness preparation.  
  • School Based Mental Health Program – This program places a licensed mental health clinician in every public secondary school and selected elementary schools in Washington County. Students are provided up to three sessions with the clinician at no charge during the school day in their home school and are given referrals if continued treatment is necessary.
  • Family Strong – This program was created to impact one of Governor Hogan’s targeted populations – children with incarcerated parents. The program provides case management to assist youth and their caregivers during this time of crisis. In addition, the program will provide resources to caregivers to help them prepare their children for school readiness and success in school. 
  • Western Maryland Consortium Disconnected Youth Services – The LMB is providing additional funds to the Western Maryland Consortium to fill funding gaps in their existing programs serving disconnected youth. Disconnected youth are defined as youth ages 18-24 neither working nor attending school. The funding provided by the LMB will be used to pay for things that current State and Federal funding received by the Consortium will not pay for, such as driver’s education, transportation, GED fees, soft skills training, birth certificate copies, and a year-round work experience.  
  • Local Care Team Coordinator – This staff person will ensure a coordinated system for case referrals to include tracking referrals and services, maintaining a comprehensive resource database, collecting and reporting data, and ensuring follow-up services. This will be a professional who has experience with child placement systems and a clinical or special education background. Staff will be responsible for facilitating a coordinated approach to services and ensure parent involvement in Local Care Team meetings.
  • Juvenile Diversion Program – New this year, the Juvenile Diversion Program is intended to prevent youth ages 10 to 17 who are first-time non-violent offenders from becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. Case management services will focus on diverting juvenile offenders from the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) to community-based programs, including community service as well as counseling and educational sessions in conflict resolution, violence prevention, mental health services, and substance abuse education/treatment. Diversion will be based on a Restorative Justice philosophy to restore the harm done and make the offender accountable for his/her actions, while generally avoiding formal court proceedings.

About the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services

The Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services is committed to ensuring that all Maryland children, youth, and families live and prosper in healthy, safe, and thriving communities. The office partners with state agencies, Local Management Boards, and community-based organizations to promote the well-being of Maryland’s children, youth, and families through data-driven policies and collective solutions.

About the Washington County Local Management Board

The Washington County Local Management Board (LMB) was created to identify priorities and target resources for children and families living in Washington County. The LMB brings together local child-serving agencies, local service providers, and other community representatives to empower local stakeholders in addressing the needs and setting priorities for their communities. The Washington County LMB includes representatives from the Department of Social Services, Washington County Public Schools, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Washington County Health Department, Department of Juvenile Services, Mental Health Authority, Washington County Housing Authority, the Developmental Disabilities Administration, the Western Maryland Consortium, the Washington County State’s Attorney, a member of the Washington County Board of County Commissioners, and a representative from the Washington County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly.

For additional information, please contact Washington County’s Public Relations and Marketing Department at 240-313-2380 or [email protected].


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