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Approval of Zoning Text Amendment will Allow for New Alcohol Production Facilities in Washington County

November 15, 2019

HAGERSTOWN, MD (November 15, 2019) – On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, the Washington County Board of County Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve a zoning text amendment that will now allow several different types of alcohol production facilities including wineries, breweries, and distilleries. These amendments will allow more flexibility in locating and promoting locally grown and produced products in Washington County. The alcohol manufacturing industry is evolving from a manufacturing use into an interactive customer experience through educational demonstrations, facility tours, and sampling areas to promote products. This evolution has created new opportunities for smaller businesses to create niche economies that provide unique experiences for consumers.

Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Zoning, Jill Baker, said, “County Staff worked with local citizens, businesses, and agricultural tourism organizations to develop zoning regulations that will allow alcohol production businesses to diversify and grow. With these amendments, Washington County land and business owners can continue to promote our agricultural heritage and provide even more opportunities for local tourism.”

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