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A quick look at the 2021 Black Rock Golf Course Tournament schedule.

April 16            Friday               Highland View Academy            9:00am

April 17            Saturday           Liberty Elite Volleyball               1:00pm

April 30             Friday                20th Wimp Hamburg                   8:30am

May 7               Friday               North High Boosters                  12:00pm

May 12             Wednesday      Bandits                                     9:00am

May 14             Friday               St. Anns                                    9:00am

May 17             Monday            BCVCA                                      12:00pm

May 19             Wednesday      Middletown Soccer                   12:00pm

May 21             Friday               Post 211 Baseball                      12:00pm

May 22             Saturday           C&O vs. Yellowhouse                9:00am

May 28             Friday               Clear Spring Booster                  9:00am

June 7              Monday            CASA                                        12:00pm

June 11             Friday               Lipella Memorial                       12:00pm

June 17             Thursday          Ravens Roost                            12:00pm

June 18             Friday               Children’s Village                      9:00am

June 22             Tuesday            Franklin County Kids                  12:00pm

June 25             Friday               Kevins Fund                              9:00am

June 26             Saturday           Black Rock Championship          7:00am

June 27             Sunday             Black Rock Championship          7:00am

July 2                Friday               Robert Johnson Community Center        9:00am

July 9                Friday               North High Football

July 16              Friday               ABC                                          12:00pm

August 6           Friday               Wibberly Exchange                   9:00am

August 13         Friday               Commission On Aging               12:00pm

August 20         Friday               Together with Families              9:00am

August 21         Saturday           Buckeye JR Golf Tour                 8:00am

August 22         Sunday             Buckeye JR Golf Tour                 8:00am

August 27         Friday               Interstate Festival Group           12:00pm

August 30         Monday            Joe Himes Store Classic             9:00am

September 3     Friday               Cuddling Angels                        9:00am

September 10   Friday               HCC Alumni 75th Anniversary     12:00pm

September 11   Saturday           Michelob Ultra Amateur            7:00am

September 12   Sunday             Michelob Ultra Amateur            7:00am

September 23   Thursday          Brian Albert                              9:00am

September 25   Saturday           Morris Frock Post 42                 9:00am

September 28   Tuesday            Black Rock Ladies League Invitational     12:00pm

October 1         Friday               Gordy Lynn Memorial                12:00pm

October 16       Saturday           Redmen Tournament      

October 18       Monday            Fountain Of Youth                     10:00am

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Black Rock Golf Course

20025 Mt. Aetna Road
Hagerstown, MD 21742

Mon-Fri, 7:00 am – 3:30 pm