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Stormwater Management Program

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Stormwater Management

The Division of Plan Review & Permitting is responsible for the review and approval of plans and permits associated with quality and quantity stormwater management for all residential, commercial and industrial development.  The County’s Grading, Stormwater Management, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance is the document that governs how land development must be designed to reduce runoff and improve water quality on downstream properties and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. All land disturbance of greater than 5,000 square feet requires a stormwater management approval and a grading permit.  Exemptions to this requirements are noted in the Ordinance.

The type of stormwater management plan required depends on the type and size of proposed development:

  1. Standard Stormwater Plan:  Residential single family single lot development disturbing less than 30, 000 square feet may submit a Standard Stormwater Plan for approval.  Use the form provided HERE to determine the limit of disturbance of your proposed project.
  2. Preliminary Plat or Preliminary/Final Plat:  Residential development of multiple lots with disturbance greater than 5,000 square feet requires submittal and approval of a plat and construction drawings.  The construction drawings are usually processed as a Preliminary Plat or Preliminary/Final Plat.  These plans must include the requirements for stormwater management plan approval.
  3. Site Plan:  Commercial Development disturbing greater than 5,000 square feet requires a Site Plan approval.  The Site Plan will include provisions for meeting stormwater management requirements.

All proposed stormwater management structures require the posting of a security, developer, and maintenance agreement.  Cost estimates used to determine the amount of required security are approved by the Division of Plan Review & Permitting prior to plan approval.  Refer to the Refer to the Construction Division Stormwater Management Documents for more information regarding stormwater maintenance agreements, developer agreements and security requirements.

All plan submissions must be complete, and shall include a completed and signed submission checklist.


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