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The Division of Plan Review & Permitting processes land development plans for review and approval under the Plan Approval Process.  The Division of Plan Review & Permitting is the only submission point for all new project submittals. All plans are to be submitted as a pre-packaged submission prepared by the applicant.  The Division of Plan Review & Permitting will screen the submission and distribute each of the reviewing Agency packages. Incomplete submittals will be returned to the applicant and will not be distributed.  All revised submissions must be processed through the Division of Plan Review & Permitting as a prepackaged submittal.

In addition, all plan review fees are collected by the Division of Plan Review & Permitting for Engineering and Land Use reviews and Soil Conservation District at the time of project submittal. The goal is to have all county fees paid at the time of submission. Applicants shall submit a completed fee summary with fee payment at the first submittal.  In addition, each agency package shall include a fee calculation worksheet.  Fees for the Division of Plan Review & Permitting and Soil Conservation District shall be paid by (2) separate checks both made payable to the Washington County Treasurer.  Additional fees may be assessed at a later date and must be paid prior to originals being signed.  Please contact the Soil Conservation District regarding their fee requirements for your project.

This process allows for concurrent agency reviews. There is also an opportunity for reviewing agency coordination through the Development Advisory Committee (DAC) for most plan submissions. Plan submissions that are reviewed by the DAC include:

  • Preliminary Consultation Plan
  • Preliminary Plat with Road Improvements
  • Preliminary Plat without Road Improvements
  • Preliminary/Final Plat with Road Improvements
  • Final Plat with Road Improvements
  • Final Plat without Road Improvements
  • Type I, II, III PUD
  • Minor Site Plan with disturbance > 5000 sq. ft.
  • Site Plan without Road Improvements
  • Site Plan With Road Improvements
  • Grading Plan with disturbance >30,000 sq. ft.

The DAC will review initial plan submissions within 4 weeks of receiving a complete submission from the Division of Plan Review & Permitting.  DAC meetings will be held once a week to discuss review comments and to allow applicants of plan submittals to meet with all agencies at one time.