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Apples in Washington County

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Autumn in Washington County, Maryland means one thing – it’s apple season! There’s nothing quite like a family outing to the picturesque orchards and roadside markets that dot our county’s landscape.

The joy of sinking your teeth into the first locally grown apple of the season, with its perfect crunch, juicy burst, and tantalizing aroma, is a moment cherished by all.

Washington County boasts an abundance of apple orchards, with concentrations in our own backyard. The views from these orchards are simply breathtaking, leaving you with memories to cherish. Many of these dedicated apple growers offer their harvest in on-site orchard markets or roadside stands. While you’re there, don’t forget to savor some freshly pressed cider and other delightful autumn produce.

Supporting our local Maryland orchards not only means you get to enjoy the freshest, highest quality apples at reasonable prices, but it also significantly contributes to the success of our local growers. Your choice to indulge in Maryland apples has a direct impact on our community’s prosperity. 

If you’re hungry for more information about apples and the art of apple growing right here in Washington County, you’re in the right place! We’re eager to share our knowledge and passion for these delicious fruits.

So, why wait? Be sure to purchase your apples from one of our dedicated Washington County orchardists or keep an eye out for the Maryland’s Best Agriculture logo next time you’re at the supermarket.

No matter which orchard you choose to visit, you can rest assured that you’re enjoying apples that were grown with meticulous care by one of our very own Washington County farmers. Here’s to a season filled with crisp, sweet, and locally-grown apple goodness

Washington County Apple Orchards & Farms

78 Acres

23230 Barth Spring Lane Smithsburg, MD 21783 (301)-824-6671

Bragunier Orchards

12775 Indian Springs Road  Big Pool, MD 21711      (240) 520-1564

Barr Orchards

22301 Durberry Road Smithsburg, MD 21783 (301) 824-2849

Edgemont Orchards, Inc.

13034 Jacques Lane Smithsburg, MD 21783  (301) 824-7258

Gardenhour Orchards, Inc.

22301 Gardenhour Road Smithsburg, MD 21783  (301) 824-7466

Lewis Orchards

11739 Mapeville Road Smithsburg, MD 21783  (301) 824-2811

Linden Hall Orchard

       10224 Downsville Pike        Hagerstown, MD 21711   (240) 582-4884

Mountain Valley Orchard

22549 Jefferson Road Smithsburg, MD 21783 (301) 824-7602

Rinehart Orchards Inc.

14511 Rinehart Road Smithsburg, MD 21783  (301) 824-2045

Ivy Hill Farm

1384 Smithsburg Pike Smithsburg, MD 21783  (301) 824-4658

Apple Recipes

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