Map & Data Products

Web Maps
Digital Spatial Data

The Washington County Planning Department maintains a list of GIS layers available for sale in one of two digital formats (.dwg or .gdb formats). These layers are updated on a delayed basis and any official changes may not be immediately available for sale.  In some instances, the GIS layers are representations used for visualization and are not the official copy maintained by the Planning Department.
See GIS Home Page to Order Digital Spatial Data

Map Prints

Selected 8-1/2″ x 11″ County maps are available in PDF format for download.  These maps are also available as 36″ x 48″ hard-copy GIS prints (unless otherwise noted) with various source background data such as: the county boundary, municipal boundaries and road centerlines which make up the core mapping elements.

Washington County Soils Data

Detailed soils data is available on CD from the Washington County Soil Conservation District, in cooperation with the US Department Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Other Local GIS Mapping Links

Links to other GIS Maps produced by the County Planning Office can be found within various county ordinances, such as the 2002 Comprehensive Plan for Washington County, the Land Preservation, Parks, and Recreation Plan, and the Solid Waste Plan.