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Volunteer at the Rural Heritage Museum

At the Rural Heritage Museum, go back to a time when the pace was a bit slower and life centered around the farm, family, and community.  While at the museum, visitors learn about our region’s beginnings and history; in addition to how the rural and agricultural heritage continues to play a role in Washington County today.

The museum grounds consist of three indoor buildings and an outdoor homestead and village of authentic period buildings from the 1800’s. Exhibits range from those depicting early rural life prior to 1940, large pieces of farm equipment and farm implements; and in our newest building with local modes of transportation, most dating prior to 1940.

Throughout each year, the Rural Heritage Museum hosts several events where the grounds are bustling with various demonstrations and activities.  Some include Spudfest, artisan bread baking, hearth cooking, garden activities, crafts for children, blacksmithing, spinning, weaving and rug hooking, broom and candle making, sawmill, stone crushing and more!

We invite you to join us at the Rural Heritage Museum as a volunteer.

Positions available:
  • Weekend Docent or Tour Guide- operates museum during open hours and conducts tours
  • Special Events Volunteer- assist during special events
  • Demonstrator- performs demonstrations during events or tours
  • Committee or Board member- assists in operations

If you are interested in volunteering with the RHM, you will be required to participate in a formal Training, Screening and Certification Process.  The process is mandatory for all RHM committees, volunteers, docents, tour guides, special event volunteers, Friends of the RHM board and committee members.  The process consists of in-house training on RHM organizational information and procedures; in house civility training; and a formal screening process with the Sheriff’s Dept.  After training and screening is completed, volunteers are issued their certification along with an ID badge.

By conducting the certification process, it allows the RHM to be in line with other institutions and units of County Government.  By having all volunteers trained, screened and certified, we are protecting you, the collection and visitors.  We anticipate great success for the RHM as we continue to advance at the facility.  We greatly appreciate your interest and participation as we strengthen our commitment to achieve the RHM’s mission and goals.

Please fill out the Volunteer Information & Registration Form to get started today!
Rural Heritage Museum logo

Rural Heritage Museum

Open Saturday and Sunday


Closed on all major holidays

Open- April 3, 2021-December 5, 2021

Phone: 240-420-1714