Treasurer’s Office – Tax Credit Information

Tax Credit Information Treasurer’s Office – Washington County, Maryland Senior Citizen Supplement – Homeowners Property Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)   Effective July 1, 2012, the Washington County Board of County Commissioners voted to ease the tax burden on homeowners age 65 and over that meet certain income qualifications. The credit applies to homeowner occupied residential properties, […]

Planning & Zoning – Historic District Commission copy

Historic District Commission Department of Planning & Zoning 1 2 3 Board Members:Tom Clemens Edith Wallace Gary RohrerChristine TomsJeff Cline, BOCC Representative The Board of County Commissioners appoints the seven-member Historic District Commission board to three-year terms.   The Historic District Commission is responsible for review, approval and disapproval of any activity, which requires an issuance of […]

Planning & Zoning – Useful Links

Useful Links Department of Planning & Zoning Planning Links: Maryland Department of Planning Maryland Real Property Records Search System Maryland Archives Plat Imaging Application ( access can be granted with the username: plato and the password: plato#) Washington County Board of Zoning Appeals   GIS Mapping & Spatial Data: GIS through ESRI(Environmental […]

Planning & Zoning – Documents & Fees

Documents & Fees Department of Planning & Zoning 1 2 3 All documents listed below are in pdf format unless otherwise noted.  Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on this link:  Acrobat. Forest Conservation Documents & Forms Forest Conservation Exemption Form Forest Conservation Worksheet 2.2 (download free Excel viewer here) Forestry Declaration of […]

Planning & Zoning – Department Staff

Departmental Staff Department of Planning & Zoning 1 2 3   STAFF Phone Director:   240-313-2438 Administrative Staff:   240-313-2437 Comprehensive Planning:   240-313-2433 240-313-2432 Parks, Environmental Planning & Forest Conservation:   240-313-2456 Agricultural Land Preservation Program:    240-313-2445 240-313-2447 GIS Mapping Support & Data Services:   240-313-2441 240-313-2439 240-313-2436 Historic District Commission:   240-313-2438

Planning & Zoning – Maps & GIS/Spatial Data

Maps & GIS/Spatial Data Department of Planning & Zoning General InformationSubdivision Digital Submission PolicyMap & Data Products What is GIS? GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems, which is a collection of computer hardware, software, and geographic data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS is a proven technology that […]

Planning & Zoning – Addressing

Addressing Department of Planning & Zoning AddressingAddress ChangeFind/Verify AddressRoad Naming County Addressing Ordinance Background of Addressing in Washington County In 1989 Washington County began the process of readdressing, moving away from the rural route system of addressing used by the United States Postal Service to a more consistent grid system used across the country. The […]

Planning & Zoning – Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning Department of Planning & Zoning Environmental PlanningParks Planning Balancing new development with the preservation of our natural and cultural resources is the main focus of our Environmental Planning goals. Washington County has adopted numerous policy and regulatory documents to help guide growth and development while maintaining sensitivity to our natural and cultural resources. […]

Planning & Zoning – Rezoning Information

Rezoning Information Department of Planning & Zoning Planning & Zoning Fee Worksheet  Rezoning Application Forms: Text Amendment Application | Map Amendment Application Zoning Text Amendment – Required Application Materials Zoning Map Amendment – Required Application Materials Zoning Map and Text Amendment – Administrative Procedures Planning Commission Rezoning Schedule    The rezoning process is a formal […]