RS-2019-06 Adopted/Effective Date:  4.2.2019 Description:  Resolution –    Award of a contract for the purchase of one (1) Compact Track Loader (the “Track Loader”) from Jesco, Inc. of South Plainfield, New Jersey, through John Deere, for the Washington County Division of Environmental Management under an intergovernmental cooperative purchasing arrangement with Sourcewell (formerly NJPA), pursuant to […]


RS-2019-05 Adopted/Effective Date:  3.26.2019 Description:  Designation of Resident Agent (Adopted March 26, 2019)


RS-2019-04 Adopted/Effective Date:  3.19.2019 Description:Resolution Authorizing the President of the Board of County Commissioners of Washington County, Maryland to file an Application with the Maryland Transit Administration of the Maryland Department of Transportation for Sections 5303, 5304, 5307, 5309, 5311, 5316 and/or 5317 Grants Under the Federal Transit Act (Adopted March 19, 2019)


RS-2019-03 Adopted/Effective Date:  2.26.2019 Description: Endorsement of MEDAAF Loan and Local Incentive (Blair Materials, Inc.) (Adopted February 26, 2019)