RS-2018-28 Adopted/Effective Date:  12.18.2018 Description: A Resolution Authorizing and Empowering County Commissioners of Washington County (the “County”), Pursuant to and in accordance with the Maryland Economic Development Revenue Bond Act (the “Act”), to Issue and Sell, at One Time or From Time to Time, as Limited Obligations and Not Upon its Faith and Credit or […]


RS-2018-27 Adopted/Effective Date:  12.11.2018 Description: Resolution – Award of a contract for the purchase of six (6) 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicles (“Pursuit Vehicles”) to Hertrich Fleet, of Milford, Delaware, under an intergovernmental cooperative purchasing arrangement with the State of Maryland Department of General Services Office of Procurement and Logistics (“State of Maryland”), pursuant […]


RS-2018-26 Adopted/Effective Date:  11.13.2018 Description: A Resolution to Approve the Conveyance of a Historic Preservation Easement to the Maryland Historical Trust (Re:  Camp Ritchie Historic District – Historic Preservation Easement) (Adopted November 13, 2018)


RS-2018-25 Adopted/Effective Date:  10.16.2018 Description: Resolution – ACT® Work Ready Communities Initiative (Adopted October 16, 2018)


RS-2018-24 Adopted/Effective Date:  10.16.2018 Description: Resolution –  Award of a contract for the purchase and installation of cameras, all related hardware and software of the Virtual Perimeter Monitoring System – Phase IV (VMPS), along with upgrading the terminal access control systems (the “System”) for the Hagerstown Regional Airport from Skyline Technology Solutions (“Skyline”) of Glen […]