Flood Recovery Updates

Washington County, Maryland

Washington County Government has identified four stages of flood recovery and progression:


Stage 1: Monitor and rescue - COMPLETED


Stage 2: Stabilize and loss prevention - COMPLETED


Stage 3: Repair and open - IN PROGRESS


Stage 4: Design and replace - IN PROGRESS


South County Road Closures and Plan of Action


Back Road - Multiple options under consideration. Engineering is preparing a report evaluating several options for impacts, cost, and project duration. Option selected will determine road closure duration.


Chestnut Grove Road - The Concrete General contract was approved Wednesday, 5/30/18 and they will be onsite 6/5/18 to begin the first phase of dewatering the upstream area and unclogging the pipe. Phase II includes a condensed 2 week advertisement period to replace the existing culvert. That work shall proceed immediately thereafter. Estimated road closure is 2-3 months. Bids were received on 6/18/18. They will be evaluated and a recommendation for award will be made at the BOCC meeting on 6/19/18.


Garretts Mills Road - Drafting a design-build RFQ for a bridge replacement. The geotechnical engineering service RFQ was due 6/1/18 and a notice to proceed has been given to TRIAD Engineering. The bridge replacement RFQ will be issued when the geotech results and report is completed in three weeks. Once advertised, anticipating approximately 3 months for contracts / design/ permitting phase, and 6 months for construction. Estimated road closure 9-12 months.


Harpers Ferry Road - As of June 22, 2018, the road has been reopened.


Hoffmaster Road - As of June 21, 2018, the road is passable and has been reopened. Drafting a design-build RFQ for a stream channel and roadway drainage project. Design-build contract anticipated to be advertised in June. Once advertised, anticipating approximately 3months for contracts / design / permitting phase, and 6 months for construction. Estimated road closure for construction 6 months.


Sandy Hook Road - As of June 21, 2018, the road has been reopened to traffic. There is a width clearance restriction of 9’-6” through the rockfall wall protection zone which will operate under a one lane stop-yield traffic condition. Access to Sandy Hook Road on the west side will be via Hoffmaster Road.


South County Road Detour Map


Disaster Loan Outreach Center

Open Tuesday, June 19 - Tuesday June 26, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sharpsburg Fire Department

110 W Chapline Street

Sharpsburg, MD 21782


Well Testing

The County will waive lab testing fees for bacteria testing for wells in the Flood Effected Areas. Please bring a sample from your well into the Division of Environmental Management main office with proof of residency, and we will run a bacteria test free of charge. For additional questions, please contact Sherry Alidoosti at 240-313-2604.


Bring samples to:

Division of Environmental Management

16232 Elliott Parkway

Williamsport, MD 21795



Disposal of Flood Debris

The County's Solid Waste Department will have dedicated containers at both Kaetzel and Dargan transfer stations. A solid waste permit sticker is not required to dispose of flood debris. Verification of address in flood effected areas will be required and load counts will be recorded. At this time, we cannot accept stone, shale, dirt or other such materials at these locations.

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