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SDAT Good Standing Requirement

Vendors conducting business with Washington County may need to be registered with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). For information on whether registration is required Vendors should call SDAT at 410-767-1340.Washington County verifies the company's status with SDAT and may require the successful bidder to submit a Good Standing Certificate, also known as a "Certificate of Status," issued by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation's Charter Division, and State of Organization.
Q-17-646 - Mowing Services

Q-17-645 - Mowing Services

Q-17-643 - Mowing Services
Q-17-642 - Examination Gloves for Various County Depts.
Q-17-641 - Mowing Services

Q-17-640 - Demo and Construction of an Opening for One (1) Commercial Overhead Door System

Q-17-639 - Fertilizer for Black Rock Golf Course

Q-17-638 - Printing of Fitness & Recreation Dept's Seasonal Program Schedules
Q-17-637 - Pest Control Services
Q-17-636 - Hazard Mitigation Plan
Q-17-635 - One (1) Commercial Overhead Door System at the Sheriff's Office
Q-17-634 - Liquid Roof Coating System at the Hagerstown Regional Airport

Q-17-633 - Gasboy Islander Workstations Upgrade

Q-17-632 - Custodial Paper and Hand Soap for Various County Departments

Q-17-631 - Bottled Water & Dispenser Rentals for Various County Departments

Q-17-630 - Printing of Stationery for Various County Departments

PUR-1357 - Community Planning and Program Development Consultant

PUR-1356 - Intervention & Case Management for Youth of Incarcerated Parents

PUR-1355 Snow Removal - One (1) New Multi-Purpose Airport Rotary Plow and Airport Runway Broom with Airblast System and Carrier Vehicle

PUR-1354 Snow Removal - One (1) New Aircraft Deice Truck with Rapid Heat and Forced Air System

PUR-1352 - Information Technology and Related Election Technical Services

PUR-1350 - Trash Removal Services at County Facilities
PUR-1349 - Grounds Maintenance Chemicals

PUR-1348 - Stop Loss Insurance Coverage

PUR-1347 - Transfer Station Safety Upgrades
PUR-1346 - Treatment for Substance Use Disorders - Day Reporting Center

PUR-1345 - Landfill Monitoring Services

PUR-1344 - Hancock Library New Construction

PUR-1342 - Fire Service Performance Testing/Inspection of Fire Hoses, Fire Pumps, Ground Ladders, and Aerial Devices
PUR-1340 - HVAC Upgrade at Department of Water Quality Admin Building
PUR-1339 - Architectural, Engineering, Design Services, and Construction Admin for Public Safety Training Center Project
PUR-1337 - Wages and Salary Scale Study
PUR-1335 - Engineering Services - Solid Waste Department
PUR-1334 - Engineering Services - Division of Environmental Management

PUR-1333 - Sale & Use of Property @ 22930 Federal Lookout Road

PUR-1330 - Capacity Management Project - Showalter Road

PUR-1314 - One (1) 10,000 Gallon Double Bulk Head Fuel Center Upgrade

IQ-17-014 - Parks Concessions - Pen Mar Park and /or Pinesburg Softball Field

Vendor Notification Letter 2008 (Revised 2015)

Washington County is not responsible for the content of any bid package received through any third party bid service or any source other than the Washington County Purchasing Department.  It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to ensure the completeness of any documents received from any third party.

Notice About Addenda:
Addenda to Solicitations may occur at any time prior to the due date. Bidders/Offerors must regularly check the website to ensure acknowledgement of all addenda as required.

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