Agricultural Land Preservation

Department of Planning & Zoning

Washington County's efforts to preserve valuable farmland began in April 1978 with the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Program (MALPP). Since that time, the land preservation effort has expanded to a total of 8 programs.  To date, more than 25,000 acres have been permanently protected, with another 18,000 acres under temporary protection as 10 year Agricultural Districts.  As a goal, the County intends to permanently preserve 50,000 acres of agricultural land and open space through its various easement programs.
Agricultural Land Preservation Rundown
Agricultural Land Preservation District
Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Program
Installment Payment Program
Rural Legacy Program
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program
Maryland Environmental Trust
Right to Farm
Contact Us…If you have questions about Preservation in Washington County please contact our office at (240) 313-2430 or email us .
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