Engineering Staff

Hobbs, Scott, Director of Engineering 240-313-2407
Anderson, Jennifer, Engineering Technician III 240-313-2405
Armel, Michael, Project Manager 240-313-2411
Bobb, Chris, Survey Technician 240-313-2404
Culler, Garrett, Survey Party Chief 240-313-2404
Garrett, Brennan, Sr. Architectural Project Manager 240-313-2474
Jones, Greg, Engineering Technician III 240-313-2409
Lindsay, Monica, Administrative Assistant 240-313-2412
Loudenslager, Mike, Technology Coordinator 240-313-2459
Miklosovich, Eric, GIS Analyst 240-313-2415
Mishler, Mark, Civil Engineer 240-313-2402
Mohn, Pam, Chief of Design 240-313-2449
Moser, Todd, Real Property Administrator 240-313-2410
Myers, Brian, Engineering Technician III 240-313-2423
Plummer, James, Project Manager 240-313-2448
Reynolds, Blair, Chief Project Manager 240-313-2420
Saville, Merle, Public Works Engineer 240-313-2491
Shifler, Alex, Chief of Surveys 240-313-2403
Spring, Jessica, Project Manager 240-313-2414
Van Riper, John, Civil Engineer 240-313-2408