Air Unit 25 & Rehabilitation Unit 255

Air Unit 25

The Washington County Air Unit is an all-volunteer response team with funding and oversight from the Division of Emergency Services.  The Air Unit provides certified breathing air to firefighters and other emergency responders of Washington County and surrounding jurisdictions while operating in hazardous and life threatening environments that are immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).

The Air Unit volunteers operate two air compressor/cascade vehicles that allow for simultaneous operations on two separate emergency incidents.  Each year the air quality of each air unit air is certified to a Grade E level that is also suitable for dive/rescue operations.

Station 25 responds to approximately 200 emergency incidents each year (including many incidents to assist surrounding counties) in addition to handling many routine calls for service at fire stations throughout  the county.

Rehabilitation Unit 255

The Washington County Emergency Rehab Unit is currently housed at Station 25 at 17556 York Rd. in Hagerstown, Maryland. The Rehab currently runs a 2011 Freightliner equipped with supplies for the Rehab Sector of and emergency scene they may be needed on.

The Emergency Rehab is operated by a small group of dedicated volunteers. This unit is a support unit managed and funded through the Washington County Fire & Rescue Association and Washington County Government. Our mission is to respond to assist Fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and local law enforcement by supplying necessary food, fluids, and rehabilitation operations. We also support EMS in the rehab section with materials such as pop-up tents, misting fans, cooling chairs and some additional medical supplies to help with monitoring patients.

Rehab 255 has been in-service serving the community for over 25 years. This unit was initially in-service as a canteen unit responding to incidents non-emergency to feed firefighters on long incidents. In the early 1990’s, rehab was starting to be more recognized in the fire service in Washington County. It was decided to add to Unit 255’s responsibilities. With the new Jaco RV Unit being placed in service in 1994, the unit was designated as Rehab 255. The unit still ran to supply canteen services, as some additional rehab equipment was added. Over the years the unit has grown and is now utilized more and more in support of National Fire Protection Association Standard 1584 with not only Fire and EMS, but also by local law enforcement when needed.

On January 16th of 2011, Officers and Members of Rehab 255 were proud to announce that the new Rehab 255 was in-service at 6 p.m. that evening. The 2011 Freightliner that replaced the Jaco RV is equipped with commercial grade kitchen equipment, misting fans, cooling chairs, pop-up tent along with food and drinks. The unit is also powered by a 20kw generator and equipped with power awnings on both sides of the unit.

The Rehab is 100% volunteer and we are always looking those dedicated to helping serve their community. Come visit us for more information at