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The Division of Public Works
Administrative Office:
Phone:  240-313-2257

Director (Vacant)
Phone:  240-313-2252

John W. Swauger, Stormwater Management Coordinator
Phone:  240-313-2253

Tina I. Rupert, Documents Coordinator
Phone: 240-313-2254
Email: trupert@washco-md.net


The Division of Public Works consists of four departments:  Highways, Parks and Facilities, Transit, and Hagerstown Regional Airport, utilizing approximately one hundred and sixty employees and an administrative office with a staff of three, consisting of the Director, Stormwater Management Coordinator and Documents Coordinator (Organization Chart)

The mission of the division is to provide and maintain a safe, cost effective infrastructure and public transportation that enhances the quality of life in Washington County.

The Division of Public Works is responsible for:

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