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Phone: 240-313-2040
Fax: 240-313-2091
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James Hovis, Director
33 West Washington Street, Room 210
Hagerstown, MD  21740
Phone:  240-313-2040
Fax:  240-313-2091

Email James Hovis

Susan Buchanan, Sr. Grant Manager
Phone:  240-313-2092
Fax:  240-313-2091

Email Susan Buchanan
Stephanie Lapole, Grant Manager
Phone:  240-313-2093
Fax:  240-313-2091

Email Stephanie Lapole

Laura Reamy, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  240-313-2044
Fax:  240-313-2091

Email Laura Reamy

Teresa Bishop, Sr. Office Associate
Phone:  240-313-2042
Fax:  240-313-2091
Email Teresa Bishop

Steve Davis, Gaming Inspector
Phone:  240-313-2046
Fax:  240-313-2091
Email Steve Davis



The Office of Community Grant Management administers Charitable Gaming Funding, Community Organization Funding, Hotel Rental Tax Funding, General Fund Contingency Funding and the Local Management Board Initiative.